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2) Please ensure that the details are correct. If you exaggerate the condition of the trailer then we will not be held to our original quotation and we may cancel the purchase.

3) Please ensure you read the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.

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If you have an image of the trailer on your computer you can email the image to us by clicking the browse button and locating the image on your computer. Please note that images must be in .jpeg or .jpg format.

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The small print! We do need to make sure that certain terms and conditions are met to ensure that we can make the best offer for your trailer and the buying/selling process runs easily for both parties involved.

Terms and conditions

1) You must ensure that any insurance categories and finance interests are declared.

2) We will need you to provide the logbook, plating certificate, registration document, test certificate (if applicable) and original/copy of invoice. If you cannot provide all of this information please let us know in the comments

3) If the trailer is not as described or the correct documentation is not available as requested then we reserve the right to cancel the purchase and where applicable to charge for any costs that have been incurred due to the misrepresentation of the vehicle.

4) Payment will be made by bankers draft once we have been provided with an invoice.

5) Any offers via phone or email for your vehicle are subject to viewing the vehicle.