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No fuss, no messing, no tyre kicking we really do buy any truck and we offer great prices.

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Why not get a quote from us, it won't cost you a thing and you can have a price agreed and your truck sold within 24 hours or quicker! We buy trucks daily for export and have a huge network of contacts abroad who are looking to pay good prices for all types and ages of trucks.

NO HASSLE - Why spend time and money advertising in magazines when you can get a fair market price today. Plus we collect your vehicle and pay immediately.

WE CLEAR FINANCE - Don't worry about outstanding finance, we will sort it out.

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ON CONTRACT HIRE - Why not considering selling to us at the end of the hire agreement, you could make a tidy profit.

FLEET VEHICLES - We can guarantee that your vehicle will not be resold within the UK keeping it out of the hands of your competition.